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Happy Halloween

by Legacy Office Centers
Oct 30, 2014

With Halloween 2014 drawing near we wanted to wish you a safe and happy Halloween. We also want to take this opportunity to let you know we’re here to help with your ghost issues.

Is your home office haunted?

Don’t deny it, we now you’ve heard the sounds in other parts of your house while you’re typing away. No it wasn’t the cat or dog scratching at the door while you worked. That lingering feeling while you work at your desk can be alleviated somewhat with a virtual office plan at Legacy Office Centers.

Our living and zombie vaccinated secretaries will tend to your mail and phone calls remotely while you deal with your clients and haunted house.

It’s just a bad breaker or fuse, right?

That one breaker keeps tripping and your in the middle of retyping a document when your power in your home office quits. Face it, your house is haunted and you need a virtual office plan with secretarial support. Our receptionists will answer your phone calls, tend to your mail, and book conference room hours all while our secretaries finish your writing and presentations.

Think of all the time and money you’ll save when you out-source administrative work to our secretaries. It will free up time so you can leave your haunted house and make sales.

What’s the difference between my haunted house and the ghosts at Legacy?

We get this question a lot! The ghosts at your house are bored and distracting. They trip breakers, make your mouse lag, turn off your computer, hide your keys and much more. Legacy Office Center ghosts are executives who found the afterlife to be dull and unproductive.

They wander the halls of Legacy Office Centers scaring living executives into making more sales and increasing profit margins. They turn the lights off in the hallways at night to save on energy, not to scare you. Our ghosts stay out of the way when you’re working.

They appear when you need help. Legacy Office Center ghosts love to help clients. They’ll great an IRS agent at the elevator for you. They’ll convince an upset customer your the greatest. Our ghosts here are professionals who just didn’t want to stop working. Come visit and see!

If you dare.