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Executive Suites Small Business Solutions

by Legacy Office Centers
Oct 21, 2014

Executive Suites Alleviate Some Business Challenges

As a growing small business your challenges are constant and probably exhausting. With each challenge you overcome it often seems as there is another waiting in line. Almost universally the most difficult challenge is where to setup an office.

We know this because for almost 30 years office solutions has been our core business. From small businesses to Fortune 500 firms we have helped find the solution that fits the clients’ needs. In fact one of our most visible characteristics is actually discussing the executive suite needs and options with our clients and potential clients.

At Legacy Office Centers we offer a range of office and secretarial services. With so much to offer we know from experience how difficult is must be to choose wisely. No matter is you’re an executive office client or virtual office client we take great care in listening to your needs and recommending the best solution based on our experience in the industry.

Understanding Executive Suite Client Needs

How many clients do you have? Do your existing clients expect to visit with you in a conference room or an executive suite? Do your clients expect a large office on the 15ht floor or are they more comfortable in an executive suite on the 6th?

Questions like these matters as an executive suite client so we can fine tune our recommendations and ensure you’re within your budget. While everyone wants the top floor maybe what you need is a virtual office with more conference room time. There is always time to grow into a larger office!

Our office director Becky King is more your office solution consultant than a sales person. Her insight into your capacity and ability to foresee needs will help alleviate many of the administrative issues in running your business. Whether you’re a new client or existing client her experience with helping new clients and retaining existing clients is proof of how you will be cared for at Legacy Office Centers.