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Executive suites holiday preparations 2014

by Legacy Office Centers
Dec 19, 2014

Executive Suites Holiday Preparations

Many of our office space clients in our executive suites has much to concern themselves with as 2014 comes to a close. For many it’s a time of holiday preparations and end of year business decisions. Since 1985 we have help our clients deal with the stress and demands of the holiday season by offering a range of holiday help.

Administrative Services

Our executive suites office space clients are well supported with on-demand administrative services such as paperwork filing, documentation organization, appointment setting, and other administrative tasks that allow our clients to focus on work and family. With very positive feedback we are proud to support your business during this exciting and demanding time of year.

Secretarial Services

Executive suites office space clients are able to enjoy on-demand Santa’s little helpers. Our secretaries are here to help take messages, provide dictation services, write letters and emails, draft correspondence and much more. As an executive or small business owner your time shouldn’t be devoted to tasks but to profit generating activity. Our secretaries are the support you would have in a larger corporation setting to allow you the opportunity to work and relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Executive Office Space Support

What’s inherently valuable of the services Legacy Office Centers provides year round is the overall services each executive office space client is provided. During the daily grind throughout the year many clients enjoy the package of services included in their lease. However it’s more often during the holiday season that all the benefits of our services are truly realized. When deadlines come closer, social obligations increase, and business decisions need to be addressed we are here providing the superior service level all have come to enjoy.

Rest at ease knowing the little things are taken care of as an office space client whether it’s answering phones, delivering packages or our fresh free coffee. Our business is helping your business succeed with a hand picked selection of services tailored to our executive suites clients.

Would you like to be our client?

In closing we wish all our clients and future clients the best to your business and family! We wish to extend an offer to anyone interested in visiting our office center to view vacant executive suites. As the economy continues to rebound it benefits us all. Several of our clients have grown so fast and so big leaving us a handful of executive suites vacant and move-in ready. Contact us today for a free no obligation tour.