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    Posted on December 17, 2013 by Legacy in Office

    Are you the executive of a new start-up needing office space? How about an experienced executive looking to upgrade? Are you just beginning in the business world and don’t need the trappings of an office but need to project executive and professional appearance? The key aspect is that whatever your position in the business world, the office you choose, be it executive or virtual, will reflect on you and your business.

    Virtual Office

    Virtual office space allows an executive to reduce the costs and utilize a prestigious address and location to optimize networking. Virtual office space ensures that a new, ambitious executive has an address for their professional business and access to all the necessary amenities of a traditional office. Another benefit of the virtual office is their cost effectiveness and flexibility. Many establishments offer virtual office plans which are both inexpensive and flexible for any type of executive. Virtual office space can provide just the right amount of professionalism for just the right price. Whether you’re an executive in technology, the legal field, or any other professional occupation, a virtual office can let you feel in charge without draining your wallet, and can also provide customers the piece of mind in thinking that, while you maybe haven’t cracked the Forbes Highest Paid Executive List yet, you’re not having to shout over a barista asking if you’re the Mark who ordered the venti latte. Whether you’re a young executive fresh into her first business venture, or the sole proprietor of an established company that needs to project a more refined image in these new LinkedIn days of business, you’ll find the right amount of flexibility and cost efficiency with a virtual office in a prestigious building. As with most things in business, your office—or its virtual address– represents your good taste as much as that of the organization that provides the virtual office and could make the difference in standing out from the crowded internet. In today’s virtual business world, information moves quickly, and that can go both ways. You don’t want to be using your home address for a business dealing with professional customers; project the executive image your virtual clients will recognize by enjoying the flexible ease of a virtual office.

    Private Office

    If a virtual office would be a step up to the kind of professional office appearance you’re looking for, but still isn’t quite at the level you need, look into a private office. Nothing says executive like entertaining customers in your very own office. While a virtual office is ideal for those business owners who can conduct most of their business virtually, an executive in certain fields needs to meet clients in her own office. Yes, while most of your end business will be conducted virtually, be it payments, invoices, or hiring, business will always run on the face to face transaction, the firm handshake. A private office also benefits the business owner by providing an actual space for clients to come and also can offer a professional receptionist attuned to your business’s needs and client base. Additionally, professional and experienced organizations can allow a business owner to select many different sizes of office to best suit their needs. Do your clients love views of the city? Perhaps they grew up in San Antonio or the surrounding hill country? Then treat them to panoramic views of the city, and while you’re remarking on how much of the city you can see, perhaps that client sitting in your private office will think to sign that contract that he has been hesitant to sign online. Perhaps taking in the full height, hand-rubbed doors, the rich floor coverings and decorator accents in your office will persuade the potential hire that you are an executive who is not only competent but also attentive. A private office gives you the kind of appearance that can match your professionalism, which not only reinforces your ambitions for yourself and your business, but also puts clients at ease. As an up and coming executive, close your door behind your clients and assure them you’re commuted to professionalism.

    Executive Office

    The move up the ladder, the reflection on where you’ve been, the established client list, the magazine article, the national television advertisement, checking the Fortune 500 and being truly disappointed not to see your business. These aren’t the amenities that come with the executive office, but they are the kinds of events that either come before or after choosing it. You’ve been an executive since you were renting a virtual office in the same building. You’ve been an executive ever since your friends at school were excited to go work for someone else but you had other plans. You’ve been an executive since you decided to strike out on your own. The late nights, the sacrifices, and, most of all, the success. You have seen it all, why not let your clients see it all too? Why not let your clients see your name in the directory, why not let them know about your secured access after hours? Your ambition has led you or will lead you to an important place in your life, and your business has been very successful because of it. So as you begin to bring your business exactly where you thought it would be when you first decided to start it for yourself, reflect that in your choice of office. Reflect upon your accomplishments while doubling that same drive you showed as a young professional renting a virtual office. Demonstrate that same ability that elevated you from that virtual office to the private office, or make a subtle statement as a new executive that you have committed your future to your business. Choose the executive office and state your intentions either to continue the success you’ve had or be successful and confident. Your clients will see the difference, and, whether you’ve been doing this for four years or 40, they will know they can go anywhere with you.


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