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Reducing Your Overhead with Shared Professional Spaces

Are you looking for ways to reduce your overhead costs and increase productivity? Legacy Office Centers is the perfect combination on professional, flexible, and affordable! Enjoy all the amenities you want, without the cost. Here are just a few ways how leasing with us can help YOU reduce your business costs. Shared Expenses Here

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Trying to Turn Your Marketing Woes into Wows

For most business owners who use an executive office, finding a way to adequately market their business is a top concern. There are so many different things you have to consider when trying to market your business adequately and neglecting any of them can be disastrous. In small business, there will be times where

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May 5th, 2015 Posted In: Executive Office, Private Office

Office Space Rental in San Antonio – Exceptional

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Exceptional; One word describes the Service and Facilities offered by Legacy Office Center. Find out why we are the leader in providing professional Workspace to the San Antonio community. Legacy Office Centers offers businesses of all sizes a professionally staffed office space on either a full or part time basis. The office space terms

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How to select the right office space for your company

Why should you plan carefully? One of the biggest challenges facing a business is where to establish your office presence. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a sole proprietor or Fortune 500 firm. The costs and decision is still critical to the success of your company’s long-term bottom line. When you plan you should

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Legacy Executive Suites San Antonio

What is an executive suite? With so many options in the office space market many office space seekers are introduced to a office plan meeting the needs of sole proprietors, startups, satellite offices and a range of similar office options. The over arching concept is a larger company leases a building or several floors

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Premier San Antonio Executive Suites

  Even as the world switches to embracing co-working and collaborative office space, executive suites make all the difference in the business world. These suites offer the ability for San Antonio businesses to showcase their belief in their business, and invest in, professional executive suites in San Antonio. It can still pay to show

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The Value of an Executive Suite to Your Clients


Your Executive Suite as an Investment in Your Image A good office is an expense that pays for itself. Any small business owner will tell you that the privacy and dependability of dedicated executive suites makes all the difference. The ability, in San Antonio, to show existing and prospective clients that you believe in

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