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Many of our executives and business who office with Legacy Office Centers enjoy more than the breath taking view from one of our window office suites and convenient business location. Many of our executive office suites clients also enjoy the commerce between clients at our location. One of our most popular clients is Bridget Harris with Bridget-It Travel & Global Passports Express.

It’s no surprise that many of our executive suites businesses and professionals seek out Bridget to book an amazing deal for travel and lodging. In many cases Bridget has captured amazing deals and those travel deals for Legacy Office Centers clients’, who also become Brdiget’s clients. We are truly thankful for Bridget’s services to our executive suites clients. From our experience a well rested and vacationed business professional is a more productive executive.

We are absolutely pleased to have Bridget as our guest speaker at our January 29th, 2014 monthly meet and greet. Brdiget will be presenting to us her many years of experience of how and when to stay in Five Star hotels without paying the marked up Five Star hotel prices. Bridet’s “Affordable Luxury” presentation is sure to be a big hit and success with 2014 just starting. Her tips and experience should have our executive suites clients thinking about spring and summer vacations.

Drawing from word-of-mouth and her work ethic we are confident everyone in attendance will walk away thinking about the many things they will be able to afford on vacation while still staying in Five Star accommodations. This will be one of our most exciting presentations with the focus being on our lives outside of work. Many times we have presentations to help us understand some aspect of our business operations or a new way to promote our services or products. In this instance we are thinking about how to take care of ourselves outside of work.

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