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Here at Legacy Office Centers we recognize that each business has vastly different needs, which is why we offer such a variety of services. Not only do we offer spacious and affordable Executive Suites, but we also offer virtual offices for our clients who have home offices! In today’s world, virtual offices are gaining headway and becoming a popular option for the following reasons:

Starting Your Business
The pressure of starting a business can be immense. Between all the ins and outs of getting everything up and running, it can be a lot for one person to handle. With a virtual office, start up businesses can have the administrative and secretarial support that they need, without the cost of hiring a full-time assistant or secretary. Here at Legacy Office Centers we take pride in being able to assist and support all kinds of businesses while they’re getting started!

Save Money
There’s no doubt that one of the easiest ways to save money when running a business is to reduce your overhead. Virtual offices are perfect for businesses looking to focus their financial resources on avenues other than a physical location. Additionally, here at Legacy Office Centers we offer professional secretarial and administrative support for virtual clients who would rather avoid the hassle of hiring their own assistant. With dozens of amenities from a full service kitchen to a fitness center to on-site maintenance, we can help you reduce your overhead!

Save Time on Commute
The average American’s commute to work takes them 30 minutes each way. That’s 5 hours a week and 250 hours per year! Having a virtual office and working from home may only save you a few minutes per day, but it adds up! What would you do with an extra 250 hours (10.5 days)?

Home Office & Legitimacy
Plenty of businesses have either started from a home office or later moved to one. Although working from home has its benefits, it may not always look or feel great to give out your personal home address. Having a virtual office with Legacy Office Centers means that you can register your business at physical location and, depending on the plan, a virtual office can also include mail forwarding services, secretarial services, and conference rooms for those clients who would rather have meetings in an executive board room overlooking the City of San Antonio, than in their living room.

With a virtual office, you never have to worry about scaling up or downsizing your business! Traditionally, the joy of sudden growth is overcast with the burden of having to find and move into a bigger office space. Here at Legacy Office Centers, we are equipped to handle all your needs as your business grows or contracts. Business growth doesn’t have to mean increased overhead!

Going virtual not only means that your employees are reducing their emission by not driving to work, but you’re also saving energy and water! Plus, going virtual often means going paperless so that there’s just less paper and resources in circulation.

Go Global
If you’re confined to an office space, that also means that probably means that you’re confined to the workforce of your local area. With virtual offices, you can have the best of the best from across America or from across the globe. Countless businesses have recognized that going virtual allows them the freedom to choose from top talent without worrying about employee relocation.

Specific Requirements
Last, but certainly not least, Legacy Office Centers caters to specific industry needs for our physical and virtual clients. For example, we work directly with Texas Mortgage Lending to ensure that we meet all the specific requirements to be able to cater to that particular industry. Many of our virtual clients in the mortgage lending industry are from out of state and therefore have strict guidelines surrounding their out of state operations. Legacy Office Centers is always happy and willing to go the extra mile for our clients and make sure that we can support them in every way possible.

Whether you wanna help the environment, save some money, or explore new ways to encourage company growth, a virtual office is an excellent way for you to grow and improve your business!

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